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SEO designed CMS

We develop CMS with SEO design. We implement the most challenges of SEO process in the content management system. The code implementation is clean; the CMS is flexible to optimize specific elements; the structures and organization of layers of web contents makes it scalable.  It effectively provides a solution to a site possible for future needs, depending on its characteristics while making sure it is SEO friendly as fundamental.

Beyond the capacity of the CMS, we know what to optimize, and make it a platform that could be effectively configured.  We make a list of the most important aspects of the SEO in our CMS solution.

Web Architecture & Intrinsic SEO factors

We develop hierachically organized layers of clients' product information, in the same language of the page content.  Our solution features a consistent, hierachical organized, customized categorization system for the site content.  It allows the contents being able to associated and optimized for the search engine.  We customize the texts to the relevant pages. We uniquely differentiate each page content with unique URL.

Content and Structural Relevancy

We develop the page relevancy and content relevancy for google search engines. We personlize and optimize the table of contents and define rules to automatize its content wih patterns.  We make clear description to the clients' provided information for each page and set rules for automatize it with pattens.  The images are defined to be relevant, personalized alt description, caption, name.  We optimize the heading and titles in the table of contents, making it very clear and precise for readership.

Search Engine Crawlability and Indexability

We develop clean, layer based codes, with externalized CSS, allowed for structured sitemaps.  We generate robot text allows to create and edit, controlling search engine access to the site.  We generally avoid flash, frames or javascript to show relevant contents. Users can generate pages with 

We optimize and minimize the codes, requests and images to allow cache improvement spped and site performance.  Our CMS provides security features to protect from web spam attacks.

We also ensure that the pages have the proper loop by redirecting 301 redirect pages to avoid content duplication or cannibalization issues.

Other CMS features

Our CMS allows users to modify and personalize the look and feel with the WYSIWYG and CSS to enhance the look and feel in some degree.  We make the code customization to allow users edit the page codes.  We add the code and tags for analytics to measure site activity and performance.