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SEO maintenance plan

Monitor page ranking.

Page ranking changes due to the search engines changing their ranking formulas or competitveness.  More sites are added to the web every day so we need to monitor your search page ranking to stay competitive.  We create monthly ranking reports on where the site is ranked.

Track the traffic.

It is to track the landing where the traffic goes to. We may want to place the best products on that page to get more sales.  We analyze site statistic to check the traffic volume received and which keywords are being used to find your site.

Keyword research.

Websites are added each day, therefore keywords once ranked high may no longer work.  The keywords used to get the traffic will no longer work.  You may have high search engine page rank but not receiving traffic from those keywords, we will need evaluate the keywords that have been used.  Attaining a number 1 ranking for keywords that no one will search for, will not increase your traffic.  Our SEO specialists will perform new keyword research and placements.

Researching new keywords keeps the ranking. Changes may include the keywords update, adding additional sections to the sites, re-writing content and re-organizing the websites' structures.  It is market and site dependent.

Competitive analysis

Understanding what keywords competitors are using play an important part of search engine optimization. If keywords are competitive, we use less competitive keywords for your webpages, or use them in conjunction with the most popular ones.  Our SEO specialists also analyze the link popularity of your competitors to detrmine how many incoming links they have and what the quality of those links are.

Update withe fresh content

Websites continuously update their content receive higher ranking. Keywords should be research to be added in.  It helps support the ranking and visitors have more means to land on your pages.  One recommended way to achieve is to add new articles to your site on a regular basis.

Tweak website structure and navigation

You lose vistors if they find it difficult to navigate your site, read the content or experience broken links.  We will repair or tweak the site to be friendly for the visitors.