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SEO Content

Our CMS offers you with the SEO friendly and optmized.  That is part of it and it needs more than the SEO codes.  Google looks for SEO content.  Google has over 200 ranking factors.  Google changes the alogrithims many times per year.  CMS codes is a part of the whole SEO solution by providing the rigt architecture, structured framework for the site.  An SEO friendly and optimized content management system CMS helps.  It takes a lot more to dominate search engines.

Content is king and the devil is in the details - keywords, key phrases, marketing mix. It is the arts and craftmanship to translate the company marketing objectives, advertisement and editorials in the brochures for trade shows, product and service listing to be able to build up the whole suite of the marketing campaigns on their site.

It is a highly technical and sophisticated marketing technology.  Our SEO consultant are skilled to run in-depth analyses of your business competitiors, study their strategy and more.  We offer the professional services during the consultation and guides you through in getting the content in the site.