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SEO designed CMS

We develop CMS with SEO design. We implement the most challenges of SEO process in the content management system. The code implementation is clean; the CMS is flexible to optimize specific elements; the structures and organization of layers of web contents makes it scalable.  It effectively provides a solution to a site possible for future needs, depending on its characteristics while making sure it is SEO friendly as fundamental.

Beyond the capacity of the CMS, we know what to optimize, and make it a platform that could be effectively configured.  We make a list of the most important aspects of the SEO in our CMS solution.

Web Architecture & Intrinsic SEO factors

We develop hierachically organized layers of clients' product information, in the same language of the page content.  Our solution features a consistent, hierachical organized, customized categorization system for the site content.  It allows the contents being able to associated and optimized for the search engine.  We customize the texts to the relevant pages. We uniquely differentiate each page content with unique URL.

Content and Structural Relevancy

We develop the page relevancy and content relevancy for google search engines. We personlize and optimize the table of contents and define rules to automatize its content wih patterns.  We make clear description to the clients' provided information for each page and set rules for automatize it with pattens.  The images are defined to be relevant, personalized alt description, caption, name.  We optimize the heading and titles in the table of contents, making it very clear and precise for readership.

Search Engine Crawlability and Indexability

We develop clean, layer based codes, with externalized CSS, allowed for structured sitemaps.  We generate robot text allows to create and edit, controlling search engine access to the site.  We generally avoid flash, frames or javascript to show relevant contents. Users can generate pages with 

We optimize and minimize the codes, requests and images to allow cache improvement spped and site performance.  Our CMS provides security features to protect from web spam attacks.

We also ensure that the pages have the proper loop by redirecting 301 redirect pages to avoid content duplication or cannibalization issues.

Other CMS features

Our CMS allows users to modify and personalize the look and feel with the WYSIWYG and CSS to enhance the look and feel in some degree.  We make the code customization to allow users edit the page codes.  We add the code and tags for analytics to measure site activity and performance.

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Google Adwords Optimization

In managing Google Adwords campaigns, we scrutinize every bits of our adwords campaigns.  We target to optimize keywords and placements with the lowest cost possible to ensure clients' return-on-investment.

Our Google Adwords partners reduces the Google Adwords cost and yet meeting the branding and direct sales lead generation. We optimize clients' campaign structures, ads copy, bidding, keywords.  We meet clients' cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition targets.

We assist clients boost online presence with branding, increase online sales with lead generation.  We help set up re-targeting campaigns, conversion tracking to monitor performance, as well as integrate SEO, email marketing and other offline marketing initiatives.

Google Adwords is flexible, accountable and can deliver immediate results.  If you have a media budget of $1,000 and more per month speak to our consultants to see how we may help you.

Quality Score

Google will charge you more if you do not optimise your website for the keywords.  We value add to improve the websites' quality score in gauging the click-cost for every cost-per-click and cost-per-acquisition.  We optimise ad, landing page and other factors to increase the quality score and reduce pay-per-click advertising costs.

Anyone could set up a Google Adwords campaign, but may not necessarily make it profitable.  You may pay more than you need to per conversion, miss any opportunities to market your business in an effective manner.

We acquire the knowledge of the latest Adwords Tools, best practices and manage Adwords campaigns at a sophisticated level.  Have any other Adwords questions?  Please contact us and we would be please to answer.

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SEO maintenance plan

Monitor page ranking.

Page ranking changes due to the search engines changing their ranking formulas or competitveness.  More sites are added to the web every day so we need to monitor your search page ranking to stay competitive.  We create monthly ranking reports on where the site is ranked.

Track the traffic.

It is to track the landing where the traffic goes to. We may want to place the best products on that page to get more sales.  We analyze site statistic to check the traffic volume received and which keywords are being used to find your site.

Keyword research.

Websites are added each day, therefore keywords once ranked high may no longer work.  The keywords used to get the traffic will no longer work.  You may have high search engine page rank but not receiving traffic from those keywords, we will need evaluate the keywords that have been used.  Attaining a number 1 ranking for keywords that no one will search for, will not increase your traffic.  Our SEO specialists will perform new keyword research and placements.

Researching new keywords keeps the ranking. Changes may include the keywords update, adding additional sections to the sites, re-writing content and re-organizing the websites' structures.  It is market and site dependent.

Competitive analysis

Understanding what keywords competitors are using play an important part of search engine optimization. If keywords are competitive, we use less competitive keywords for your webpages, or use them in conjunction with the most popular ones.  Our SEO specialists also analyze the link popularity of your competitors to detrmine how many incoming links they have and what the quality of those links are.

Update withe fresh content

Websites continuously update their content receive higher ranking. Keywords should be research to be added in.  It helps support the ranking and visitors have more means to land on your pages.  One recommended way to achieve is to add new articles to your site on a regular basis.

Tweak website structure and navigation

You lose vistors if they find it difficult to navigate your site, read the content or experience broken links.  We will repair or tweak the site to be friendly for the visitors.

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SEO keywords development

Keyword research is crucial in the SEO keyword development process.  Keyword placement is a valuable high return acitivity in the search marketing.  The ranking for the "right" keywords make the site.  We learn about the customers before fizzling the market's keyword demand for SEO.  It is targeted.  It is getting the right types of visitors.  The usefulness of this intelligence in keyword research predict shifts in demand, respond to changing marketing conditions and produce the products, services and content that web searchers are already actively seeking.  In the marketing, there has never been a low barrier to entry in understanding the motivation of consumers in the digital market in every niche.

Our professional SEO consultant will be a great asset in developing our clients' business. Our SEO consultant finds lucrative keywords and niches with great return on investment where the business can make money easily, carry out detailed market research and competitive analysis.  We help businesses buiild content to pull in traffic that will close deals for the business.

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SEO Content

Our CMS offers you with the SEO friendly and optmized.  That is part of it and it needs more than the SEO codes.  Google looks for SEO content.  Google has over 200 ranking factors.  Google changes the alogrithims many times per year.  CMS codes is a part of the whole SEO solution by providing the rigt architecture, structured framework for the site.  An SEO friendly and optimized content management system CMS helps.  It takes a lot more to dominate search engines.

Content is king and the devil is in the details - keywords, key phrases, marketing mix. It is the arts and craftmanship to translate the company marketing objectives, advertisement and editorials in the brochures for trade shows, product and service listing to be able to build up the whole suite of the marketing campaigns on their site.

It is a highly technical and sophisticated marketing technology.  Our SEO consultant are skilled to run in-depth analyses of your business competitiors, study their strategy and more.  We offer the professional services during the consultation and guides you through in getting the content in the site.

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SEO Cosultants

Our SEO consultants engage, consult and deep dive the business requirements, the market, the products and services, as well as the company marketing objectives both in offline and online market.  The data collection during the initial part of the SEO services is crucial in defining the strategy for the site, regardless of the types of business, be it in manufacturing, industrial or service industry.

The requirements and the marketing collatorals are collected, used or re-employed in our SEO development.  Data shall includes the marketing plan, the advertisement, brand positioing and all design files in the related fields of activities. The detailed information assists V Channel to perform the online competitive market and define the target market for the clients.

Our SEO online marketing take extra cautious in developing a strategy aligned with the totality of the marketing objectives of the company.  Online marketing is a part of a company's marketing mix.

SEO is the master when it comes to pulling in prospects, it helps boost conversions.  We integrate the SEO intelligently into the marketing mix to reap its rich rewards.

SEO Consultants submissive about specialties than their own.  Instead we help clients build the right foundation and then guide them to effectively implement and manage the cost effective, high return strategies and tactics that are aligned with their overall business goals.

For small and medium enterpreises and starts up, we seek collaborative marketing efforts in offering professional advice and "business development" advice, and show our proof to back up our offerings, prices and advice.  We go the long way in building trust with the SME.  We plan clients to follow our suggested approached than going in their direction what they believed would be the right choice.