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Our content management system (CMS) allows users to create, edit, update and manage the content of a website.  It is used to manage the content of a website.  Our Content management system, composing of the content delivery application (CDA) and the content management application (CMA) comes with the editor functions.  Technically, Content Delivery Application uses and compiles the content information to update the website. The features of a CMS system vary very widely, but most include web-based publishing, format management, revision control, and indexing, search, and retrieval.

The names "CMA" and "CMS" are used interchangeably by the users.  We generally refer them to be CMS when explain to clients.  The content management system typically have specific customer requirements. The core compontns of the web content management have document management, document imaging, records management, process flow.

The CMA is made easy for the content manager or author, who may not know Hypertext Markup Language, to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a website without the need of the expertise of a webmaster.  Upon delivery of the project, V Channel completes and delivers the CMS; the users will administrate with the access right.  The CMS features its security of the websites. 

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